Salon Scholarship Guidelines

Our Salon Scholarship

If you are not a current high school student, we offer a cosmetology scholarship for you too! Check out the requirements and guidelines below and Download The Application. After filling out the form, completing the essay and gaining a salon owner’s referral, mail your application to our Admissions Office. Good luck!

Guidelines for Our Salon Scholarship:

1. Only TWO (2) salon scholarships will be awarded per class commencement. APPLY EARLY

2. Scholarship review takes approximately two weeks after application is submitted. If approved you will receive an award letter. You have TWO (2) weeks to enroll upon receiving your award letter and your start date must be in 2014.

3. Our cosmetology scholarship is only awarded toward tuition. It is not to be used for registration, supplies or books.

4. If you win our cosmetology scholarship you must complete our cosmetology course in the allotted time frame.

5. If the cosmetology scholarship becomes null and void for any reason, you will assume full responsibility for the cost of the program. This also applies if you fail to complete the program for any reason.

6. You must agree to abide by all school rules and policies.

7. To apply, you must complete and submit: the Salon Scholarship Application, a signed essay, a salon owner referral, and schedule a school interview.

8. The value of our cosmetology scholarship is up to $500.00.

9. You can only receive 1 scholarship during your program.

Please submit all applications to one of our four admissions departments.