A Cosmetology Career


cosmetology career Over the last 35 years our staff has built lasting relationships with salon through our community. The best part about a cosmetology career is the freedom and limitless opportunities. At The Beauty School we provide your with a quality education to prepare you for a successful career in cosmetology. Our committed staff and instructors will make sure you have the professional skills to succeed where your dreams take you.

There are endless career paths a professional cosmetologist can take. You could travel the world, work on movie sets, develop new hair care and coloring products and more! Professional cosmetologists are in high demand, especially those who are well versed in the design and business side of cosmetology. As an educated professional in the art and science of beauty you have the valuable skills and training that are always in demand. Below are just a few career choices you have as a professional cosmetologist:

  • High Fashion Hair Design
  • Runway Fashion
  • Celebrity Stylist
  • Print Photography Hair Design
  • Television, Opera, Theater, Ballet or Film Hair and Makeup
  • Research Development
  • Copywriting and Journalism
All of this is possible, but it all starts with the right foundation. A strong education will let you have a variety of options when you graduate. Begin your journey at The Beauty School! Not sure what cosmetology really is? See what is means to be a cosmetologist or find out how to become a cosmetologist. Check out the rest of our site to learn more about our programs and meet Our Team. You can also schedule a tour to learn more about beginning a career in cosmetology.